A total of five courses is required. Students are encouraged to take at least three courses from departments other than their own majors and pursue a bio-oriented independent study or honors thesis.

No more than three courses that count toward a major or fulfill Common Course of Study requirements may be counted toward a minor. Students can enroll in engineering and science courses that have prerequisites with the instructor’s permission.

Note that some courses may not be offered every year. It is the student’s responsibility to plan in advance in order to complete the requirements for the minor.

The five required courses include:

Students may enroll in the Biotechnology/Bioengineering Program as early as their first year at Lafayette or as late as their senior year by completing a petition form from the department office or the registrar’s office. The form should be completed and signed by the student’s adviser and the program chair before taking it to the registrar’s office. Students must meet with the program chair to review their course work toward the minor no later than the first semester of their senior year.

The Biotechnology/Bioengineering Minor Advisory Committee must approve the program of study. Students interested in the minor may contact the program chair:

Yih-Choung Yu, Electrical & Computer Engineering, yuy@lafayette.edu, ext. 5407